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Mateo Montoya

September 23, 2012

Alliterations of Allegorical Authority
Microagressions of material existence

Transcend temporal transitions

Enlightening essences eloquently enunciate

Silenced by the semantics of solitude

Empowerment ensures emancipation

Treks through terrestrial transgressions

Poles of positionality pervade

Attempts of authenticity aggregate

Regrets of reification render

Vehement validation of versed voice

Resistance against racialized representations

Beauty buttressed by boisterous benevolence

Preemptively patronized by paternalism

Denigrated by dominance of deficit discourse

Warrants of western wizardry

Disgraced by daunting daemons

Ancestry of assimilations annihilate

Ethnic epistemological existentialism endures

Countless counter-narratives collide

Indentured ideologies of intent

Haunted houses of hierarchical hypocrisy

Impart imperial intelligences

The only in a family of three chavos to graduate H.S.. Mateo Montoya is  currently pursuing an M.Ed. in Education, Culture and Society.  His current academic research interests include urban education, philosophy of education, whiteness theory, post-colonial theory, semiotics, educational psychology and sociology of urban education — particularly, how hegemonic institutions disparately impact the socialization and racialization of urban youth of color through the many forms of whiteness and how that impacts racialized student’s academic- disposition, self-esteem/efficacy, performance, stratification, tracking and outcomes.  Montoya was born in Cheyenne, WY and currently lives in Salt Lake. Visit his blog at

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