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Why Am I So Brown?

June 25, 2008

for Raquel Guerrero

A question Chicanitas sometimes ask
while others wonder: Why is the sky blue
or the grass so green?

Why am I so Brown?

God made you brown, mi’ja
color bronce–color of your raza
connecting you to your raices,
your story/historia
as you begin moving towards your future.

God made you brown, mi’ja
color bronce, beautiful/strong,
reminding you of the goodness
de tu mama, de tus abuelas
y tus antepasados.

God made you brown, mi’ja
to wear as a crown for you are royalty–
a princess, la raza nueva,
the people of the sun.

It is the color of Chicana women–
leaders/madres of Chicano warriors
luchando por la paz y la dignidad
de la justicia de la nacion, Aztlan!

God wants you to understand…brown
is not a color…it is:
a state of being a very human texture
alive and full of song, celebrating–
dancing to the new world
which is for everyone…

Finally, mi’ja
God made you brown
because is it one of HER favorite colors!

Trinidad Sanchez, Jr.

Sánchez was a Chicano poet, author and activist who wrote about race, culture, and social issues. His other well-known writings include “Jalapeño Blues” and “Authentic Chicano Food is Hot!” He co-authored “Poems by Father and Son” with his father, Trinidad V. Sánchez, who also was a poet.

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  1. Karen Vaughan permalink
    June 21, 2011 1:59 am

    I live in Africa as a European-actually my history is much more complicated & I have yet to find out where I really come from but my 3rd daughter one day came back from school & said, asked, was dreaming, all these things, “I want to be golden brown” . I love all the Mexican writing & feel almost at home without actually being in contact with any of the work – we hope & we also scream for better things – Karen Vaughan

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