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Dr Cintli: “Horne’s Law” or Horne’s Great Deception

January 9, 2011

Dr Cintli: “Horne’s Law” or Horne’s Great Deception.

Cultural Genocide and The Attempt to Kill Ethnic Studies


By Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez

If there ever was a doubt that there is a full-scale assault on brown peoples in this country, with Arizona at its epicenter, the first week of the year has dispelled it. To say that war has been declared upon us would only be partially accurate because these attacks can actually only be understood as a continuation of a 518-year war against Indigenous Peoples across this continent.

In just the first week, right wing forces have once again gone for the jugular, attacking the body, the mind and spirit of peoples whom continue to be blamed for the woes of this nation. For instance, Tucson’s highly successful Mexican American Studies program (MAS-TUSD) – with a maiz-based curriculum at its philosophical core – was declared illegal Jan 3. At the same time, troglodyte legislators from 40 states, including here in Arizona, unveiled plans to nullify the 14th Amendment and return the nation to the 19th century. And in a few days, legislation will be introduced in Arizona where schools, via their students, will be required to identify the citizenship status of their parents. In effect, children will be turning in their parents. What’s next: the criminalization of migrants and profiting off of their misery? READ MORE

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