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Two poems by Texas poet Tomás Q. Morín at Cerise Press

November 6, 2010

Texas poet Tomás Q. Morín has two poems in the Fall / Winter 2010-11 issue of Cerise Press. Read Grave of the Left Hand, and Pagliacci.


It is the great work of tiny humans to tease,
my grandfather would say, the wise Pagliaccio,
when I would cry in his lap over the gossip at school:

assassin, hack, man in woman’s clothing!
The children shouted these things
as I descended the busy avenue in black jacket,

tie, feeling like a little cadaver
given legs again, forced to walk one more time
through the embarrassing light…

from Pagliacci


Morín is a Texas native.  He received his MFA from Texas State University, and MA from Johns Hopkins University.  He is the recipient of scholarships from the Fine Arts Work Center, Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference and the New York State Summer Writers Institute, and was a fellow at the Idyllwild Summer Arts Program.  He is a Senior Lecturer at Texas State University.

His poems have appeared in Ploughshares, Boulevard, Slate, Blackbird, Poetry Northwest, Best New Poets 2007, and elsewhere.

Visit his website

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