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2nd Annual raulrsalinas Guerrilla Chapbook Poetry Contest

April 4, 2010
Calaca Press and Red Salmon Press seek submissions for the

2nd Annual
Guerrilla Chapbook
Poetry Contest

As a way to honor the late Xicanindio poet activist raulrsalinas, Calaca Press (San Diego, Califas) and Red Salmon Press (Austin, Tejas) teamed up in 2009 to create the raulrsalinas Guerrilla Chapbook Poetry Contest.

The inaugural contest winner was New Mexico poet Joe Montoya for his gritty collection of modern day Native life on the rez, Children of the Desert Mountains.

Red Salmon and Calaca are looking to continue the chapbook contest and they seek material from authors whose poetry best reflects the lifework and interests of raulrsalinas, including Native and immigrant rights, the Chicano Movement, Black Power, prison struggles, political prisoners, Leonard Peltier, Mumia abu-Jamal, social movements, EZLN, the Cuban Revolution, independence of Puerto Rico, the Beat writers, and of course jazz, amongst many other issues related to culture, human rights, community empowerment and social justice.

Raul was an inspiration for many. This effort is a way to keep that inspiration alive.

raulrsalinas Guerrilla Chapbook Poetry Contest
Submission Guidelines

The raulrsalinas Guerrilla Chapbook Poetry Contest seeks work by Chican@, Latin@ and Native poets ages 18 and up who have not graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing, nor are currently enrolled in an MFA program. Poets also must not have a collection of poems published by a small or large press exceeding 32 pages. Having self published books, being published in anthologies and/or on the internet is ok. Previously published work will be accepted only if author has full rights to work. Please indicate with submission wether work was previously published and where.

To enter the raulrsalinas Guerrilla Chapbook Poetry Contest authors must submit via email the following:
1) Ten poems written in calo, Spanglish, English o en espanol
2) A short essay describing your community work
3) A short bio in third person
4) Personal info: full name (and pen name if applicable), age, occupation, education, address, phone number, email, and website
Please send as 2 separate Microsoft Word files using Times font size 12. One file with poems and the other with personal info, bio and essay.

Send to:

Deadline: 11:59PM PST, Saturday, May 1, 2010

Contest results will be publicly announced by the end of July 2009.

The winner will be determined by a three judge panel including:
Louis G. Mendoza, Ph.D. – Editor of raulrsalinas and the Jail Machine: My Weapon is My Pen
Rene Valdez – Executive Director of Red Salmon Arts
Brent E. Beltran – Co-owner of Calaca Press

The judges will be looking for the following:
1) Well written poems whose themes and subject matter relate to the lifework and interests of ra�lrsalinas
2) Creative use of language
3) Your community work

The chapbook will be edited by Cal A. Vera who will have final decision (with input from the author) on title, chapbook contents, layout, and cover art. All ten submitted pieces may or may not be used. The editor may ask for revisions or even for alternative poems prior to publication.

1000 copies of the chapbook will be printed. Winner will receive 100 copies. The chapbook will be approximately 40 pages (give or take four).

Winner must own publication rights to submitted work. Author retains all rights to poems after publication of chapbook.

More about raulrsalinas and the judges:

raulrsalinas, the author of the seminal Chicano experience poem, Un Trip Through the Mind Jail, was not only an accomplished poet but a dedicated community activist who gained a political consciousness while serving approximately 13 years inside some of America’s most notorious prisons (Huntsville, Soledad, Marion, and Leavenworth among others). While in prison at Marion he was befriended by Puerto Rican Nationalist Rafael Cancel Miranda (famed for an armed assault on congress on March 1, 1954 with fellow Nationalists including Lolita Lebron). Sr. Miranda was a major influence on Raul’s lifework. Imprisoned during the early Chicano Movement years he was active in the prison rights struggles of that time. His book, raulrsalinas and the Jail Machine: My Weapon is My Pen: Selected Writings by Raul Salinas highlights his struggles and victories inside America’s prison system. Including winning a landmark prison rights case. After his release from prison in 1973 he dedicated his life to Chicano and Native American causes. He was a member of the Centro de la Raza in Seattle, the American Indian Movement, a cofounder of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee and various other progressive organizations dedicated to defending the rights and interests of all working class and colonized people. A true internationalist he was committed to supporting Puerto Rican independence, the Cuban Revolution, the Nicaraguan Sandinistas, the Zapatistas in Chiapas and the Bolivarian Process of Presidente Hugo Chavez Frias of Venezuela among many other struggles. After serving many years of forced exile in Washington state (where he helped defend Native American fishing rights), he eventually returned to his home in Austin, TX. Shortly thereafter he opened Resistencia Bookstore and Red Salmon Arts which became a cultural and political hub for East Austin’s Chicano community. Raul authored four poetry collections Viaje/Trip (Hellcoal Press), East of the Freeway (Red Salmon Press), Un Trip Through The Mind Jail (Arte Publico Press) and Indio Trails: A Xicano Odyssey through Indian Country (Wings Press) as well as three spoken word CDs Los Many Mundos of raulrsalinas: Un Poetic Jazz Viaje con Friends (Calaca Press/Red Salmon Press), Beyond the BEATen Path (Red Salmon Press) and Red Arc: A call for liberation con salsa y cool with Fred Ho (Wings Press).

Louis G. Mendoza, Ph.D. is an associate professor of Chicano Studies at the University of Minnesota. His research interests include Chicana/o Literary and Cultural studies, U.S. immigration literature, prison literature, and oral histories. Dr. Mendoza is the editor or coeditor of four books including: Telling Tongues: A Latin@ Anthology on Language Experience (Red Salmon Press/Calaca Press, 2006) and raulrsalinas and the Jail Machine: My Weapon is My Pen (University of Texas Press, 2006). He is currently working on two books related to his 2007 Journey Across Our America research project on U.S. Latina/o communities that he conducted while bicycling around the perimeter of the country.

Rene Valdez is the Executive Director of Red Salmon Arts and Resistencia Bookstore in Austin, Tejas. A long time protégé of raulrsalinas, Mr. Valdez continues the work Raul started at Red Salmon and Resistencia.

Brent E. Beltran aka Cal A. Vera is a spinal injury surviving, third generation pocho and Chicano Studies community college dropout who dishes out the word from Calacalandia in National City, Califas. Along with his super hero wife Chelo he runs the maverick Chican@ publishing house Calaca Press. Lacking two tongues himself he has committed the last 12+ years of his life to publishing rebellious writers whose work dances somewhere between the ever shifting boundaries of Castellano and the Queen’s English. To date he has published/produced work by over 100 different authors and artists.

For more information on Calaca and Red Salmon:

Calaca Press
P.O. Box 2309
National City, Califas 91951
(619) 434-9036 phone/fax
Be a Fan on Facebook

Calaca Press is a Chicano family-owned small publishing house dedicated to publishing and producing unknown, emerging, and established progressive Chicano and Latino voices. With a commitment to social justice and human rights Calaca Press strives to bring about change through the literary arts.

Red Salmon Arts
1801-A S. First St.
Austin, Tejas 78704
(512) 416-8885

Red Salmon Arts is dedicated to the development of emerging writers, the promotion of indigenous, Chicana/o, Latina/o literature, providing outlets and mechanisms for cultural exchange and sharing the retrieval of a people’s history with a commitment to social justice.

The raulrsalinas Guerrilla Chapbook Poetry Contest is a joint Calaca Press/Red Salmon Arts onda.


We remember you, ese!

March 17, 1934 – February 13, 2008
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