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The Reclusive Esteban ‘Steve’ Jordan

March 20, 2010
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  1. March 24, 2010 6:51 pm

    I HAVE KNOWN OF Mr.Steve Jordan FOR MANY ,MANY YEARS,lOST TRACK OF HIM ABOUT 20 YEARS AGO.The funny thing about all this is that for those 20 years he was right here in San Antonio and so was I,tHERE IS NO OTHER MAN THAT CAN EXCITE ME WITH THE ACCORIDAN AS HE CAN.It’s like magic to my ears. I found him at the Tejano Conjunto Festival only last year.I Have been to Salutes almost every Friday that he has Preformed since then,I will continue to go and listen to him play.This is like a really treat for me.He is STEVE JORDAN ,THE STEVE JORDAN AND WE HERE IN SAN ANTONIO,TEXAS ARE VERY LUCKY TO HAVE HIM HERE STILL PLAYING FOR US.MAY GOD BLESS YOU MR. JORDAN AND GIVE YOU STILL MANY,MANY,YEARS OF LIFE AHEAD OF YOU .YOUR FRIEND AND BIGGEST FAN,MS.FRANCES LOZANO MORANTES.

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