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Ode to the Mujer

March 6, 2010
Marisol Picazo



Mujer is the clean soul

the one who suffers en el parto,

our madrecita with dreams that fly in the wind

claiming justice, raising her right fist

to the sky, bold gesture,

just because her partner left her with five children

in a new country with no job,

where the economy leaves her sin un peso para un taco.

Her fear attacks her self confidence,

her sadness  converts to strength in that brown face

those tears which run into that white rose smile.

Mujer , who searchs for food to feed her children

the unique human luna

her menstrual cycles incorporate all emotions

her sensitiveness makes her roll her eyes in those tension moments

strong who gives smiles hugs a los suyos,

who with tears in her eyes look up and says “Ya Basta”

Mujer with red lips who bite each other in sensual moments.

mother earth and mujer, the divine vientre of everything

the menstrual life giver

new pure soul with possible mistakes

with long, short red, black hair

brown , dark, white completive

pero siempre es mujer

Marisol Picazo is a 5th year student at Cal State University Monterey Bay  
concentrating in Human Communications and Social Action. 
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