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Call out for content: Hermana, Resist

February 13, 2010

Hola mujeres:
I’m reaching out to my hermanas and seeing if they’d like to guest blog at Hermana, Resist. If you don’t have a blog or just would like to poke your head over there and throw down some ideas, words or poems, let me know if this is something you’d like to do.
Si quieren, email me.

You don’t need to have blogging experience. If you do, send me your site, blog or a writing sample.

Please send an email to noemi.mtz at gmail, letting me know why you’re interested and whether there are any particular issues you’d like to cover.

If you would like to recommend another individual, please drop me an email telling us about them, with contact details if you have them. Guest bloggers writing monthly blogs will get an author’s page with lots of link love.
Noemi  Martinez
Unless we develop some cohesive vision of that world in which we hope these children will participate, and some sense of our own responsibilities in the shaping of that world, we will only raise new performers in the master’s sorry drama.
Audre Lorde

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