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Aztlan Libre Press Update

January 6, 2010

>> alurista’s 10th book (and Aztlan Libre Press’ first)  TUNALUNA is in production and in the final editing and design phase. We’re talking about a small Texas book tour in the Fall that would include San Antonio, Austin, and Houston — tentatively.

>> Building the Aztlan Libre Press website is still on the list of things to do.

>> Plans are also still underway to publish Nahualliandoing Dos, a chapbook of collected poemas and writings in three languages , Nahuatl, Español and English. The deadline for submission  is January 15, 2010.

…and on the horizon:

>> A coloring book for children in three languages, Nahuatl, Español and English, with the symbols of the 20 days in the Aztec calendar.

>> Plans for a Veteran@s and Nueva Voces series of publications, including audio releases.

>> An Aztlan Libre Press Premio en la Literatura Xican@

Happy New Year 2010 and may the Creator bless you and your familias this year with salud, paz, creatividad y amor. in tlanextia in tonatiuh/que su sol sea brillante.

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