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Woodcuts of Women

November 24, 2009

“I’ve got two sports coats, about six ties, three dressy pants, Florsheims I polish a la madre, and three weeks ago I bought a suit, with silk lining, at Lemonde for Men. It came with a matching vest. That’s what made it for me. I love getting all duded up, looking fine, I really do. This is the thing: I like women. No, wait. I love women. I know that don’t sound like anything new, nothing every guy wouldn’t tell you. I mean it though, and it’s that I can’t say so better. It’s not like I do anything different when I’m around them. I’m not like aggressive, going after them, hustling. I don’t play that. I don’t do anything except have a weakness for them. I don’t ask anybody out. I already have my girlfriend Diana. Still, it’s like I feel drunk around them. Like they make me so pedo I can’t move away. See what I’m saying? So yeah, of course I love working nights at The Broadway. Women’s perfume is everywhere, and I’m dizzy while I’m there.”

Great collection of stories by Dagoberto Gilb. Click on image for more.

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