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Two poems by Angela de Hoyos

September 24, 2009


Woman, Woman

climb up
that ladder
bring down
the moon
or she
will tattle

tattle falsehood
in the skies
(and who
can tell
the truth
from lies?)

that it
is you
forever Eve
who rules
mere man
without reprieve

The Final Laugh

On an empty stomach,
with the pang of mendicant yesterdays
I greet my reflection
in the dark mirror of dusk.

What do the entrails know
about the necessity of being white
–the advisability of mail-order parents?

Or this wearing in mock defiance
the thin rag of ethnic pride,
saying to shivering flesh and grumbling belly:
Patience, O companions of my dignity?

Perhaps someday I shall accustom myself
to this: my hand held out
in eternal supplication: being content
with the left-overs of a greedy establishment.

Or – who knows? – perhaps tomorrow
I shall burst these shackles
and rising to my natural full height
fling the final parting laugh
O gluttonous omnipotent alien white world.

(Diploma Di Benemerenza, 1972
Accademia L. Da Vinci, Rome, Italy)

Angela de Hoyos takes on the tasks of bearing witness, and denouncing the imperative social demands that are inescapable. In the poems she writes, she comes face to face with herself and the world that surrounds her. Arise, Chicano! is Angela’s first published collection of poems

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