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Dagoberto Gilb

May 22, 2009

An abundance of healing energy to Dagoberto Gilb who recently suffered a stroke. Recover well and quickly.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Gilb at P.O.V.’s Border Talk: Follow the link to read it in it’s entirety.

Writing is a permanent flu — it hits you, you have no control of it. Its symptoms are: Light-headed, feverish daydreaming about writing while at a paying job that you get fired from; gut-wrenching dread of having a worthless, unemployable life while writing one paragraph in two hours for a piece that you may (or may not if it’s lousy, which it often is), after you have lots and lots and lots of paragraphs, a hundred or two dollars; finally, and even worse, a hallucinogenic-like bloodrush when something you have written is accepted — this delusional exhilaration can affect personality for many troubled years, even when the only other person to have read it and believed in you and this work, momentarily, was your one and only love (not even your mom will have been impressed), the one you shouldn’t have let get away, but she now dismisses you because you’re such a financial loser.

You can also find an excerpt from his book The Magic of Blood HERE

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