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April 15, 2009

Read Noemi Martinez’s poem “synthesis” HERE, about
“…these folks
you know the type,
they have the feminist fist
tattooed on their ankles
want to visit my community
with their “poorest in the nation” shit
their novelty right now
is mexicans in the colonias.
My valley, my people”

Martinez blogs regularly at Hermana, Resist

Gerald Early Can’t See Latinos. Vera has a collection of poetry out called The Space Between Our Danger and Delight, published by Beothuck Books. You can learn more about Vera HERE and also at his blog Wondermachine, where he has some very cool sketches posted.


Check out sanctum at House of Nezua, and take in all the wonderful graphics at this site. Here’s a taste:
“don’t we need to make sure we have a reason, an excuse, an alibi, when the light comes on? don’t we make sure we have it all lined up just right? isn’t it too scary to just live and be and not be justified or righteous, to not be ascending perhaps, or maybe even not learning? isn’t life just too big for organisms that wander and float like mold, like spores, like smoke, like  snow, like light?”

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