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April 9, 2009


La Bloga’s Lisa Alvarado has a very cool list of quotes on poetry, poetry books and favorite poems in honor of National Poetry Month HERE


Below, Naomi Quiñonez, author of Sueno de Colibri/Hummingbird Dream and The Smoking Mirror reads at the Achiote Press Reading at UC Berkeley. [Thanks to poet Oscar Bermeo for this link, and for bringing the poetry of Nina Serrano to my attention.]


“Poets in San Francisco”

(A legend about Anais Nin and Lawrence Ferlinghetti)

by Nina Serrano

It feels good to write poems in San Francisco

But it would be better if someone

wanted to read listen and talk about poems

in San Francisco.

There is a place where poets meet and love each other

Once I thought it was San Francisco

but when I got there their coffee houses turned into dress stores.

I think the place where poets meet

lies in an inner space between

The ribs the lungs and hurting loneliness.

A poet fills his bags with rose petals

and empties it on the head

of another poet.

Her hair is full of petals.

There love poems rhymed and metered bloom

and in that moment of raining flowers

is the place I want to be.

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