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Eagle Feather Research Institute

March 9, 2009


For those interested in Indigenous/mestizo cutting-edge research and publications, please see press release below or go directly to the  Eagle Feather Research Institute

He is a friend and colleague, but more importantly, one of the leading researchers in the field of Indigenous/mestizo knowledge on this continent.


MYTH VS FACT: CENSOR BIAS? New Research Covers Culturally Misrepresented Groups: Gypsies, Jews, Indians, Mestizos, Arabs, Women
etc, Austin, Tx.—March 9, 2009. Eagle Feather Research Institute provides current research of different cultural groups that have been misrepresented via distorted or biased cultural histories due to political, racial or religious reasons. The goal is to present factual cultural data that is not political; ipurports to go beyond superficial layers of information and question the validity of sources. While society has progressed technologically, current scholars begin to question the more important civilizing elements that constitute a working and harmonious order. While censorship was notorious in the Middle Ages with the Inquisition, it is still present in varying and subtle ways among the cross section of institutions in the modern world. Dr. Roberto Cintli Rodriguez, Research Associate at the University of Arizona states: “The work of Dr.Arnoldo Carlos Vento is both a treasure and unprecedented. The work I have been doing on the inter-connectedness of the continent via Maiz, was done by him a generation ago. His work and research are fascinating and I can only hope to build upon his work and the other Indigenous scholars. Additionally, he builds upon the work of his own mother, Adela Sloss Vento, what I term, a ceremonial discourse.”

The new Website contains Educational Materials that are divided into five series: Pre-Columbian, Mexican, Chicano/Chicana, Native American and Ancient Cultures. Areas covered include Culture, History, Philosophy, Language, Literature, Medicine and Oral History. The listings of works are further divided into Abstract/Articles, Abstract/Books, Articles and Books. While most works are in English, some books and articles are in Spanish. Additional areas under News
and TIPS include Historical Bits, Natural Health and Linguistic Nuances and News/Green Earth. The Columns of Latest News and Newsletters provide a forum concerned with current issues: Nutrition, Health Risks, the Endangered Eco-system, Folk Music, and current as well as future projects. Among the goals: stimulate thinking regarding long standing historical and cultural myths. Was scalping initiated by American Indians? Did Teddy Roosevelt charge on horseback
up San Juan Hill? What role did the Inquisition play in the creation of history and modern myth regarding the Aztecs? Why did Americans refuse to eat tomatoes before 1830? Was the idea of Hell as eternal damnation known in the time of Jesus? Did the word “America” really originate with Albericus Vespucci (Almerigo, Americo)? Among recent E books include works concerned with Native American and Western Worldviews in Collision, History and Culture of Mestizos, the Christian Crusades, Southwestern History, Mexican Intellectual
History, Literary Anthologies, Memoirs of first Mexican American woman
civil rights activist, in addition to literary and historical novels both in Spanish and English. Criticism, Poetry and Essays complete the genres. Archival photos of cultural movements add further to the listing. For additional information contact: Arnoldo Carlos Vento, PhD, Executive Officer or visit and peruse the Bookstore. About Eagle Feather Research Institute: Non-profit

educational Institute founded in 2002. The Institute provides educational research to the public sector: Educationists–Principals, teachers, students—legislators, the media, libraries and the general public. Founder: Arnoldo Carlos Vento, PhD, Emeritus Professor and an internationally published scholar. Contact: Arnoldo Carlos Vento, PhD, Executive Officer Eagle Feather Research Institute

(512) 347-1509
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— ————————-
Thanks & Sincerely
Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez
Column of the Americas
PO BOX 85476
Tucson, AZ 85754



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