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Featured Blog: Sheryl Luna

September 19, 2008

Down in the desert where the rattlers bite and the cacti sweat
Nothing but sun– life’s but a border line drawn on a fading river,
Muddy thin river where bloated bodies are found, men and women
treading the current to a country where they’ll pick cotton for better fair.
And no, I wasn’t no politician, too double-negative anyhow.
I wrote long lines to nowhere where the barrio was all valley
and pecan groves, where the pickers wore their love like a crown.
Dead in the valley where coyotes roamed the sand, roamed the sands,
there was howling outside the city where the Tigua Indians wrote their lost lands.
Illegal fireworks and Mexican music on the fourth of July…


Luna was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. Her collection of poetry Pity the Drowned Horses won the first Andres Montoya Poetry Prize at the University of Notre Dame. The judge was Robert Vasquez. The initial judge was Orlando Menes. The collection was profiled in “18 Debut Poets who Made their Mark in 2005” by Poets and Writers Magazine.

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