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My Dad, the illegal immigrant

September 14, 2008

Although millions of Americans might consider Dad a repeat violator of national sovereignty, I see in his borderland adventures the pluck of the Pilgrims, the resolve of a homesteader, the type of pioneer ethos that has fueled this country for so long. Frederick Jackson Turner was wrong; the American frontier will never close, not as long as there are people like my father who were and are willing to cross deserts, stuff themselves into cars, float across water — just for the chance to establish themselves in this country and thrive.

Read Gustavo Arellano’s opinion piece in its entirety at the Los Angeles Times.

"Ask a Mexican" columnist and author of “Orange County" Gustavo Arellano.

Arellano is a contributing editor to Opinion and author of the ¡Ask a Mexican! column in the OC Weekly. His new book, “Orange County: A Personal History,” comes out Tuesday.

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