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Submissions Guidelines: Arte Público Press

August 25, 2008
Submissions Guidelines
[ en Español ]

Arte Público Press, affiliated with the University of Houston, specializes in publishing contemporary novels, short stories, poetry, and drama based on U.S. Hispanic, Cuban American, Mexican American, Puerto Rican, and other themes and cultural issues. Arte Público also is interested in reference works, non-fiction studies, especially of Hispanic civil rights, women’s issues and history.

Manuscripts, queries, synopses, outlines, proposals, introductory chapters, etc. are accepted in either English or Spanish; the majority of our publications are in English. All submissions must be typed, double-spaced, and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) to return those not selected for publication. Address all submissions to:

Arte Público Press SUBMISSIONS
University of Houston
452 Cullen Performance Hall
Houston, Texas, 77204-2004.

Manuscripts not accompanied by an appropriately sized SASE will not be returned. Queries and proposals take 2-4 months and manuscripts take 3-6 months to respond. We are NOT responsible for any damages or loss of any manuscript.Please be advised that we do NOT accept, review or respond to any submissions via Internet. Please take time to familiarize yourself with our current and previous titles, as well as specialized fields, and send only the material relevant to our publishing needs. Due to the overwhelming amount of submissions we get each year, we would advise that the writer take time to distinguish whether or not his/her work is appropriate for APP so that response time is diminished. We recommend that writers include a one-page cover letter specifying relevant information and brief description of the manuscript, and an introductory sample of the manuscript instead of sending the manuscript in its entirety first. We do not accept digital files of the work until it has been accepted for publication. For further information of our previous publications, please visit our website.

Accepted manuscripts should be accompanied by a digital file of the work on disk. (Microsoft Word v.6.0 or later, for Macintosh or Windows.)

Piñata Books

Piñata Books is Arte Público Press’ imprint for children’s and young adult literature. It seeks to authentically and realistically portray themes, characters, and customs unique to U.S. Hispanic culture. Submissions and manuscript formalities are the same as for Arte Público Press.


Send us a resumé and color copies of your illustrations, art, and/or photos to be considered for illustrating opportunities with Arte Público Press. Material that is sent to Arte Público Press will not be returned and will be kept in our files for reference. You are welcome to update files by submitting new art samples as often as you like. If you have any questions or want to submit samples, contact:

Arte Público Press
University of Houston
452 Cullen Performance Hall
Houston, Texas 77204-2004
Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage

The Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage series publishes recovered literature written by Hispanics between the colonial period and 1960 in the geographic area that has become the United States. For further details, contact Dr. Nicolás Kanellos, Director, at this address.

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