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The ‘Offical’ Exquisite Corpse Psalm for Andrei Codrescu

August 4, 2008

The Lord is my editor,
I shall not wander in streams of consciousness,
He checks my grammar, syntax, and ellipsis,
He proofs and types to put me at ease,
He reissues good copy,
out of print books
and articles.
He is my sole distributor.

Carlos Cumpián

“Cumpián examines American realities absent from mainstream poetry. Although he hails from San Antonio, Texas, Cumpián has planted firm roots in the Midwest.

Cumpián was named among the Chicago Public Library’s “Top Ten” most requested poets and his poetry has been published in small press magazines as well as numerous anthologies. He has taught at Columbia College in Chicago and has offered workshops on poetry and small press management. His books Latino Rainbow (Grolier/Children’s Press), Armadillo Charm (Tia Chucha Press) and Coyote Sun (March Abrazo Press) have received positive reviews for their contributions to Chicano literature.

Cumpián is also the editor of March Abrazo Press and has been instrumental in the longevity of the small press and establishing its presence as an independent publisher of Latino and Native American poetry.” ~Wikipedia

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