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“History is probative”

June 20, 2008

These are recent excerpts of Professor Rodolfo F. Acuña addressing Arizona’s proposed Senate Bill 1108 that would make it legal for the government to confiscate books (Occupied America included), and shut down Chicano studies and groups on Arizona campuses.
Occupied America earned Professor Acuña the Gustavus Myers Award for Outstanding Book on Race Relations in North America.

Frankly, people like (Rep. Russell) Pearce relish in the portrayal of Mexican Americans as gang members rather than university graduates because they can step on us… history will unfortunately judge Arizonians who do not speak out.”

…it’s something that’s been happening in California for some time. It’s a combination of people telling lies about groups like MEChA, the Chicano student group, and also your xenophobia.

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