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Salinas Is On His Way

June 12, 2008

Go, friends, quickly to your tasks and wives.
This night I have to discover the clouds–
talk to the galaxies.
My parents are old
and the road is a serpent full of ambitions.
And what remains of me after sleep
is sunlight entering
like a nun into church.
After dreams get through with me
I shall devour books, sing arias,
walk on snow,
have arguments with darkness,
and crawl into the corner of the sea
listening to the tingle of bells.
What remains of me after sleep
may be a corpse.
So send out word:

Salinas is on his way–
quoting verses from the Bible,
making a mad dash through the night,
making sure everything is secure.

Luis Omar Salinas

Poet Jose Montoya wrote, “…no one has ever disputed the fact that Luis Omar Salinas es el mero chingon de la poesia chicana. This has been not only the opinion of his fellow poets but of critics as well…He’s our Guru.”

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