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Elegy For An Aztec Angel

June 5, 2008
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Death is for the birds,
said Salinas to Salinas.

He spoke this of himself:
crazy as a loon,

sacrificial like Aztecas,
women’s breasts he always cherished,

and don’t forget the drink.
Death is for the birds he said,

and the birds sang in his honor,
“death is for salinas,death is for salinas” *

Salinas found it funny, shut his eyes,
and took wing into the darkening skies.

*(Birds don’t capitalize.)

Reyes Cardenas

Reyes Cardenas‘ writings have been published in various places including,Caracol,El Grito,and Place of Herons Press.My books include Anti-Bicicleta Haiku,Survivors of the Chicano Titanic,Elegies For John Lennon and I Was Never A Militant Chicano.All my books are available in ebook form from Alexander Street Press. Cardenas is currently putting together his collected works.

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