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The Mexico-Texan

June 2, 2008

The Mexico-Texan, he’s one fonny man
Who lives in the region that’s north of the Gran’;
Of Mexican father, he born in thees part.
For the Mexico-Texan he no gotta lan’;
And sometimes he rues it, deep down in hees heart.
He stomped on da neck on both sides of the Gran’;
The dam gringo lingo he no cannot spick,
It twista da tong and it maka heem sik;
A cit’zen of Texas they say that he ees!
But then, –why they call heem da Mexican Grease?
Soft talk and hard action, he can’t understan’;
The Mexico-Texan, he no gotta lan’.

Américo Paredes

(written circa 1932; published (originally) in Primer anuario de los habitantes hispano-americanos de Texas, by J. Montiel Olvera, 1939)

This poem was taken from En Memoria de Americo Paredes 1915-1999, published by CMAS Books, Center for Mexican-American Studies, University of Texas at Austin. “Américo Paredes is recognized as one of the seminal Mexican American scholars of the 20th century. From mid-century onward his studies of corridos, folkloric ballads, machismo, and border stereotypes of Mexicanos formed the basis of a whole school of southwestern folklore…

Paredes’ books include George Washington Gomez: A Mexicotexan Novel, With His Pistol In His Hand: A Border Ballad and Its Hero, Between Two Worlds, and A Texas-Mexican Cancionero: Folksongs of the Lower Border.

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